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kit & TUNED percussion - ALAN WALKER


Alan has been playing kit and tuned percussion for Newark Town Band for a couple of years now and really enjoys the challenge and the friends he has made there. He is actually a professional musician on clarinet, saxes and piano, playing with several bands around the country, but enjoys kit and the variety of percussion. Alan also teaches music to diploma standard.



Caroline has been playing clarinet for more years than she cares to remember, but started having a go at timpani a few years ago and joined Newark Town Band in 2017. She plays Timpani and other bits of percussion and was voted in as the Secretary of Newark Town Band in 2019. She finds the band members very friendly and good fun and is a regular in the 'Newark Town Bandits' quiz ream at the local Barge after rehearsals. Her husband Alan also plays kit for the band and they are both woodwind and brass instrument makers and repairers.