Meet our Euphoniums and Baritones

Solo euphonium - Alice Fielden


Alice has been playing a brass instrument since she was 10 years old, starting on trumpet at school. She then joined her first brass band on flugel but found the euphonium was her instrument a few months later. Alice joined Newark Town Band in 2015 along with her mum, sister and brother and they have all been committed members since. She loves the friendly, family feel of the band and the never ending support from the more experienced players in the band.

2nd euphonium 2 - Steve Busson


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1st Baritone - Gordon Madden


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2nd Baritone 1 - Trevor Shaw


Trevor has been playing in brass bands for over 40 years. He has played a variety of instruments including cornet, flugel, trombone, euphonium and baritone. He still very much enjoys playing and currently plays euphonium for Lincoln Band and is our 2nd baritone player at Newark Town Band.

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